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Huawei U7300 (huawei U7300) 3G (GSM / WCDMA) slider phone (carbon black)
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Huawei U7300 (huawei U7300) mobile phone, anytime, anywhere Internet wonderful!
Moving rapidly stimulate the hurricane surf, is waiting for you to experience. Huawei U7300 mobile phone for you with HSDPA 3.6Mbps, easy web surfing, wireless Internet access at any time to satisfy your urge. Fashion information hand in hand, always enjoy the online fun.
Huawei U7300 mobile phone, large 2.4-inch QVGA color screen full interpretation of the colors, as you explore the colorful visual space.
Anytime, anywhere, surf network
3G colorful world all in your hands, 3.6 Mbps high-speed surfing allows you to easily have all the current information, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the wonderful network.
Video calls & video playback
Thousands of miles away, but close. Video call lets you communicate with each other without limits, more intimate fun.
Mobile network services
Huawei U7300 mobile phone can be customized a variety of network services, such as search, maps, RSS reader, you meet the needs of multi-directional, so the convenience of the ubiquitous information age.
Color moments, synchronization witness
2.4 inch QVGA TFT screen, vivid visual impact, the ultimate visual experience delicate, so you enjoy all the fun brought by U7300.
Dual cameras (320 + 30 million pixels million pixels)
Colorful your life, how could let go and moving moment of opportunity. Huawei U7300 phones, 320 million pixel, easy to capture moments, a clear photo imaging technology allows more texture, making cell phone camera into a life of pleasure. 30 megapixel camera, so video is everywhere.
A better life, real-time sharing
Bluetooth A2DP
For sharing and happy life, with A2DP Bluetooth necessarily want to share you more excited, so happy among friends faster and more widely spread.
Support Micro SD Card
100 is not enough to listen to music? 10 movies not to see? How much you want to support the SD card mass storage, enjoy and indulge your greed.
Support USB 2.0 modem, plug and play
Is both a phone modem, Huawei U7300 mobile phone is equipped with high-speed modem capabilities, portable computers can be achieved through high-speed wireless Internet access U7300 will be unrestrained in the end.
Create your exclusive music space, starting today, the mood with music accompaniment for the day.
Detailed parameters
Operating frequency: HSDPA / WCDMA 2100MHz
GSM / GPRS 900/1800/1900 MHz
Weight: less than 110g (with battery)
Size: 103mm (length) × 51.5 mm (width) × 13.3mm (thick)
Battery 930 mAh lithium battery
After-sales information
Service Hotline :400 -830-8300
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