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Huawei T2211 3G mobile phones (GSM / TD-SCDMA, 200 million pixel camera, silver and white)
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Huawei T2211 is using a more traditional candy bar design, 112 × 50 × 12.9mm body size has a good hand feel, and 110 grams of body weight is more from a large area of metal material applications. First get the T2211, will be very easy to feel the breath of the practical, with the balance of the screen / keyboard area of distribution.
Surrounded by a metal top mobile "G3" Logo and TD deputy shot the iconic phone camera, metal mesh design of the handset also to some extent enhance the body texture.
Integrated brushed metal panel from the top of the fuselage has been "extended" to the bottom of the fuselage, the navigation area of traditional products, call, hang up button narrowed, while the raised design is more convenient to use. The top of the navigation key area, Mo (Monternet) and video call button is that the T2211 custom identity. It should be noted that the number of Huawei T2211 side buttons also light pink, and the information state in the call will automatically flash. Although the small number of key areas, but the key process moderate, keys feel very comfortable.
Huawei T2211 Department of the machine body side product design is very consistent with the practical level, the blank layout of the fuselage on the left and the volume keys, camera button to the right in stark contrast to the surrounding metal frame design as applied to the Ministry of the machine body side . It is worth mentioning that the Huawei T2211 bottom of the fuselage is equipped with 3.5mm headphone jack and MiniUSB data line interface, so that the design of a Qianyuan Ji product, no doubt, music has a more excellent performance.
Huawei T2211, after the white color back to have a more fashionable lines, according to official statement, Huawei T2211 can also be used to purchase a variety of color covers the replacement. Camera lens and speaker next to the re-emergence of the mobile "G3" trademark, it appears that custom really is enough for the appearance of "depth."
Display, the Huawei T2211 with a 2.4-inch 26 million color TFT screen with QVGA resolution of the mainstream level (320 * 240 pixels). In the non-touch phone has a good display.
Standby interface, the Huawei T2211's main interface includes time, date, carrier and other information, there are alerts scroll bar and 6 shortcuts, most customized for the mobile business (the order book, flying letters, 139 mailboxes, music music players, mobile video, local search).
In fact, the menu direction pad has been very common, but the design of Huawei T2211, or bring a lot of special about that page through the left soft key to turning around the operation, three pages corresponding to the main menu cards, mobile services and tools menu. The switch interface also uses animation, very smooth transition.
The overall control efficacy, Huawei T2211 in the standby interface can hook key to return to the main page, and many press "C" key is in turn corresponds to power saving mode and turn off the screen brightness. Respectively, by pressing "*""#" vibration mode and can lock the keyboard, this design'd keys and mobile phone is very similar to the early Japanese.
Contact function, Huawei T2211 provides a 1000 group of contacts storage space. In the standby interface, the user can directly enter the number to contact filter, filter. The combination of initials ways to search for more than friend for contact purposes, with a very fast storage efficiency, but relatively close to the contact name for the case, then a bit cumbersome.
In addition, Huawei T2211 also built a firewall, you can call information and other content filtering protection.
Information functions, Huawei T2211 supports up to 1000 text messages and 5MB of space for independent multimedia storage, in terms of capacity sufficient to meet customer needs. However, text input, although the keyboard feels comfortable, and enter the appropriate fast, but no support has become a phrase entered in the evaluation process of Huawei's T2211 biggest flaw.
Into 2010, 200 million pixel camera lens at the entry level will be completely current, but does not support the Huawei T2211 autofocus camera function in nature is able to meet the basic needs of daily records. Can output up to 1600 x 1200 pixel still images.
Appearance of the presentation, Huawei T2211 3.5mm headphone jack used quite a surprise that reviewers, as a mobile custom models, built-in "music player" Nature is not Chinese, you can track the first time, tasted fresh, but the network based on TD consumption is not a small amount of traffic, but also buy a lot of friends attention.
In addition, Huawei T2211 also incorporates audio, video player, using the more conventional of the interface, not do too much in this introduction.
China Mobile's customized handsets as Huawei T2211 built Alerts, flying letters and other mobile services. News News Subscribe to the interface can also set the location, but the changes required to pay fees in some provinces, but also a lot of attention when your users.
As a 3G phone, Huawei's T2211 has a good web browser, not only provides support for WAP and WWW page views can also browse through the multiple windows simultaneously. Upgraded to HSDPA network model is brought smooth surfing experience.
1, mobile phone 3G fashion economy. 2,26 million color TFT color screen; 240 × 320 pixels, 2.4 inches. 3, built-in 2 million pixel camera with 4x digital zoom, the predecessor of 30 million with a camera to do video calls. 4, built-in 3G mobile customization.
Packing List
An electric charge, headset, data cable


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