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Huawei C5900
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is an entry-level mobile telecommunications in support of China Telecom EVDO network, enter the 3G universal products. The C5900 uses with a slider design, whole size 103x51.2x11.8mm is the most mainstream of the measurements the size of the market, nor do I feel in your hand is very heavy. At the same time Weight 111 grams, the weight moderate. Body using a plastic material, but very powerful Huawei joined to the plastic drawing of the composition, compared to the hard texture of the whole body, but also allow the metal texture is very similar to high-end drawing materials. This is also the author of the machine where the most satisfied, neither the cold metal, no plastic vulnerable.
Front is a 2.4-inch TFT color screen with a resolution of QVGA-level, which is now standard on entry-level products. Huawei is also very high-profile symbol of the display in the middle, the top of the handset design also allows the aircraft do not seem to make haste. Huawei navigation button for multi-button design consistent, including a four-way navigation wheel design, and up to six key design. About not only increased the soft keys, call keys, music player specially designed keys and revocation of keys. Huawei C5900 by the present automatic slide more mature, the whole process of sliding is very smooth, and crisp sound. Slide open, you can see by the one-piece design of the buttons. The letters on the keys of the laser etching technique used in all, very clear. And push back the physical feeling very good. Also used the brushed metal keypad design, touch up the metal can be very clear sense of feel. In the process of sliding open the backlight can also be very timely open. In practice, this slide is designed to maximize protection of the life of the keyboard, which is the reason many people like to slide. C5900 back while still using a plastic material, but an increase of pattern design, so that whole with more layering. The location of the camera and Huawei sign echoed, compared handling the details in place. 2 million pixel camera is also shooting to meet the daily needs.
The side buttons are very few above the power button and the USB interface is also very low-key hidden in the plastic protective shell below. And only one volume control button next to the camera shortcut keys, and so that the side looks very much like a whole.
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