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Kunming Bus Group launched SMS Inquiry System Bus Project
Kunming Wandekeji Ltd.编辑:wdkje[20101119]

It is reported that the total number of Kunming bus line 202 at present, operating more than 4,000 units of vehicles, daily passenger capacity of 235-240 million people, bus trip rate of 27.26% share. "Do not outsiders, Kunming locals are not necessarily made it clear." Kunming Public Transport Group, the person in charge, a year ago, Kunming bus to plans to launch SMS search system. The joint German Technology Co., Ltd. Kunming million, pre-after more than 4 months of information collection and testing. 9 o'clock this morning, the system will accept the people's "test." Test phase, the system is only open to 10 pm, to be run after the official 24-hours a day. In tests, the public have any suggestions and comments, can call the customer service 5,361,717.
Tak Technology Co., Ltd. Kunming million workers live demonstration of Yang Chen operational processes. If passengers from the bus depot to pay the faulted Bridge, A + query can be sent to 10,620,188. Message that preparation, "A Taipei district bus depot, cross three bridges" to send to the service number, get the message back is: Option 1: In the "Taipei City District bus depot" station, take the car to "cross-Bridge" stop . According to reports, "A" bus on behalf of the business name query, the query cost is 0.2 Yuan / Article (excluding communication costs). System testing is completed, services will also open text messaging plan, the tentative 3 yuan / month.
Currently, the system is only open a site, route, landmarks, place names and other information in the inquiry service. After the test will be opened up to: chartered bus, bus services, suggestions and complaints, IC card recharge outlets, car alert service station, bus arrival time inquiry service, suburban and long distance transfer, line temporary adjustment, or modification , to open, and MMS (electronic maps), and other inquiries.

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